Slowing Down and Starting Up

  • waipiovalley

    Yeah I guess you could say I slowed down. Two months away from posting and it feels like a lifetime.

    In the last eight weeks, I slowed down my digital connection and deepened my nature- and relational- connections. When I saw Charlene deGuzman’s short film “I Forgot My Phone”, it made me take an intentional step back from being online and plugged in, pulling me even more off the grid than I already am here in the jungle of Hawaii.

    But in a way, I missed something too. I missed the creative spark that I got from writing blog posts, posting photos and short poems. I missed the interaction with my blog followers, the strangers and friends who seem to appreciate these tidbits I share. I missed feeling like I was building something, making something, on a regular basis. And the time slipped — no, flew — by.

    It was a quiet blur of a hiatus. And I’m kinda glad it’s over.

    It’s been beneficial to sit with my own thoughts. I mulled over the life-improvised lessons of the Self-Love Endurance Academy and felt free to jump into spontaneous road trip adventures sans technology (I even left my ipod and camera at home). I saw wild dolphins leaping and dancing at sunset and a lightning storm over the ocean. I camped on gray sand often visited by sea turtles and snorkeled with black and white striped fish over brilliant pink brain coral.

    And I have no evidence of any of this, except the vibrant memories in my own mind. Experiencing something without documenting it is a silent, cellular integration. You can truly feel the moment as it rushes by in slow motion. That’s right..rushes by in slow motion. Feel it. Without a camera, pen or video, you record the experience with your every atom, not needing to share your attention with buttons and dials and LCD screens. It’s a good thing to do every now and then.

    But with the start of this new month, I’ve been feeling really drawn to come back to this blog with fresh eyes and fresh perspectives. I’m open to discovering new things to share, and have made a new commitment to my writing practice, my art practice, my creative practice.

    It’s good to be back.


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