Being Short

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  • Last night at dinner I sat next to a friend who is a full 13″ taller than I am. We talked about what was rad and sucky and being really tall and really short.

    I was inspired to make a little viddy about it, so here it is! Enjoy, and give the shorties some love!

  • 2 thoughts on “Being Short

    1. I’m tall and every time one of you shorties asks me to get something off the top shelf at the grocery store I do happily. However, why when I ask for a return favor of something from a bottom shelf I get a mean look– It’s not fair 😉 Funny video, thanks for sharing.

      • Haha! I would gladly grab anything you want from the bottom shelf! I’d love to be able to use the special benefits of being nearly floor-level more often. Let’s see… picking up dropped keys, being able to see how clean/dirty the carpet is, finding contact lenses, and of course falling down is also pretty smooth since I’m already so close to the ground. 😉

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