stepping forward

Stepping forward into new futures
with brand new earth under my feet,
I am delighted to discover that I, too,
have been turned into something new.
And the same may be true,
for you too


2 thoughts on “stepping forward

  1. loved “opening” and other poems i read here tonight.
    hope all’s well…still working on my journals and moving again soon…taking a little sabbatical from the bay area to visit folks in chicago where i hope to unearth and open to some new writing 🙂

    • Hi Rochelle!

      Great to hear from you again, and thanks for visiting the site again too. 🙂

      I’m so proud of all you’re doing with your journal releasing and poetry creating! Everything we let go of makes room for some other wonderful thing to enter our lives.

      Have a great and inspiring time in Chicago!

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