• Spill

    Live every day as if it were your first.
    Jump off the cliffs of doubt in your mind.
    Land on laughter.
    Thread needles with silken threads and mend broken promises to yourself.
    Collect your unspoken words and throw them into the air like so much confetti.
    Whir together old to-do lists in the blender of I-have-better-things-to-experience-right-now.
    Pick out your cloud and tell it secrets all day.
    Lick language like preschoolers love popsicles.
    Live your childhood over again, 5 minutes a day, when no one is looking.
    Write down five imaginary lives in honey on peanut-butter smeared bread and eat it while looking at trees.
    Look closely at your fingertips and see your next journey in between the lines.
    Do unto others as the sun does to you.

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