get on the poetry bus

  • get on the poetry bus

    Today I offer a list of some of my new favorite poems, many thanks to my friend Lindsey and a book called Poetry 180 by Billy Collins:

    “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins
    Selecting a Reader” by Ted Kooser
    Numbers” by Mary Cornish
    It’s Raining in Love” by Richard Brautigan
    The Late Passenger” by C.S. Lewis
    On not flying to Hawaii” by Alison Luterman
    God says yes to me” by Kaylin Haught
    Smell and Envy” by Douglass Goetsch

    “Inside this new love, die.
    Your way begins on the other side.
    Become the sky.
    Take an axe to the prison wall.
    Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.
    Do it now.
    You’re covered with thick cloud.
    Slide out the side.  Die,
    and be quiet.  Quietness is the surest sign
    that you’ve died.
    Your old life was a frantic running
    from silence.
    The speechless full moon
    comes out now.”
    ~ Rumi

  • 3 thoughts on “get on the poetry bus

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    2. Wonderful! I do love Rumi, and I love the love wagon you’re driving here. It’s great to meet someone at the interweb library who has the some of the same books on her shelf! I really appreciate everything Mr. Collins has been doing in his Poetry 180 projecet.
      Thanks for following the link earlier and brightening up my day.

    3. Oh, that’s not my rad bus, just one that caught my eye and made me happy with its mango-ish colors. I’d love to have a bus like that filled with poetry that I could drive all over and brighten up people’s day with poems and bright colors and good fruit 🙂

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