always remember

  • always remember

    “Always remember that the true self is not a fixed thing.

    The true self is always in motion like music, a river of life, changing, moving, failing, suffering, learning, shining. That is why you must freely and recklessly make new mistakes — in writing or in life — and do not fret about them but pass on and write more.

    Active evil is so much better than passive good, which is just docility, feebleness, timidity. And do not try to be consistent, for what it true today may not be true at all tomorrow, because you see a better truth.”

    — Brenda Ueland, in If You Want to Write: A book about Art, Independence and Spirit, 1938

  • 2 thoughts on “always remember

    1. I love this bridge, but even more so this quote. It reminds me a bit of Whitman’s old, “Do I contradict myself. Very well, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” Thank you for these keepable reminders.
      By the way, I also just love the title of your blog. What’s not to like about a joyful fruit! 🙂

    2. Thanks so much! Yeah, isn’t this bridge amazing? Stumbling upon it randomly while out for a walk one day was an outstanding surprise. Thanks too for the Whitman quote, I hadn’t heard that one yet! I love it!! Happy day and yummy mangoes to you 🙂

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