Continual Soul Renewal

  • staugbeach

    Happy New Year! This year I wish all this and more for you…

    “…being seen for the essence of interior luminescence,
    being seen for the fire of interior beautifier,
    being seen for the intention of interior ascension,
    where it matters less and less: old opinions of the rest,
    where connection and honest self-reflection
    are the bridges of communal soul renewal,
    and the reaching for the new home of sky,
    fingertips full of flight,
    modest and compassionate self-sight,
    are the bridges to continual soul renewal…”

  • 2 thoughts on “Continual Soul Renewal

    1. Good music and a beautiful location. A positive new year wish also. Thank you for the poem and I hope all your goals and dreams come to life in 2013.

      • Thank you for listening and for leaving a comment, JohnCoyote! Glad that you liked! I also wish that all your goals and dreams come to jubilant fruition in 2013: May it all be lush, lovely and lively.

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